We are all comprised of body, soul, and spirit.

We need to care for our bodies by getting regular exercise, eating nutritious foods, and making sure to rest enough.
Our souls require care in the form of connection with God, ourselves, and others. We were created for intimacy; therefore some of our basic soul requirements are acceptance, encouragement, appreciation, and comfort.

push-upsOur personal lives, daily habits, community, church, and family are all part of our soul wellness. God has also created us for relationship with Him. Our spiritual wellness is impacted by the intimacy of our relationship with God.

It is important to make wellness a priority in all three areas of body, soul, and spirit. We would love to come along side you and help you see how your daily habits and schedule impact your total wellness.

We will use tools to determine your total wellness satisfaction.

One of those tools is the book below. Fit to Serve, by Coach Powers, walks you through establishing a healthy lifestyle of fitness so you are able to have the energy and focus to accomplish what God is calling you to do.

If you would like to experience improvement in your level of wellness, we will discuss what goals you want to set to bring about those desired changes.