Kevin Prins
Team Leader/Founder

Kevin and his wife Sue founded Excelling Leaders after 16 years of cross-cultural mission work. Kevin brings a unique blend of government, business and ministry experience in his role as Team Leader of Excelling Leaders

One of my craziest adventures: I skipped my High school graduation  and instead rode my bicycle over 3000 miles from the West Coast of the United States to the east coast. But what makes it more crazy is I did it again three years later.

Favorite sport to watch: US college football

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Sue Prins
Team Leader/Founder

Sue’s heart, as a co-founder of Excelling Leaders and Team Leader is to be a support and encouragement to families in missions; to provide a place missionary families can come, be refreshed, and re-equipped.

Favorite season:  I love spring, new life, growing things, but especially flowers that declare the beauty and majesty of God!

Heritage: My parents grew up and married in the Netherlands before coming to Michigan, where I was born less than a year later.  Most of my relatives are in the Netherlands.

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Eugene Baar
Grant Writer/Financial Assistant

Gene has degrees in both accounting and business management and brings many skills in the area of fund development and grant writing to his work with Excelling Leaders. We are excited to have him on our team!

My Passion: “You can find God best in your garden” ~ I love gardening and sharing what I grow with others. I feel as if this is part of my mission field.

Where God shows Himself to me: I enjoy finding God wherever I travel. Seeing Him in Nature wherever I go as well as sharing those travel experiences with my family

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Kristi Terpstra
Graphic Designer

Kristi grew up in West Michigan and has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. We are glad she has brought her experiences in providing graphic design services for many types of organizations and businesses to Excelling Leaders.

My happiness: I am low maintenance, it doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy. I love simply meeting with friends for coffee.

My view on travel: I will go any place, any time, any where, to do anything. As long as you pay!

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Jolanda Blevins
Admin/debrief team

Jolanda has been a missionary with Youth WIth A Mission serving in the Netherlands as well Bosnia and now with YWAM in Colorado Springs with her husband Rodney and their 2 daughters. She has a very outgoing personality and loves people.

Coffee!!: Coming from a Dutch coffee culture, I love to drink my coffee strong and with good company. That could be YOU one day!

Family: Our family speaks “Dinglish”: We are raising our kids bilingual, Dutch and English. The funniest conversations happen, when we just throw in the language that comes first to our mind.

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Mona Prasad

Mona has been a missionary with Youth With A Mission serving in the North Asia as well as the Caribbean and now North America with YWAM

Caribbean girl: Born in Jamaica I love jerk chicken and spicy food

Family: I would tell my friends when I became engaged to JT tat  I was found my “Tarzan.” We come from different nations of birth but God has blended us with a great marriage and an awesome daughter

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Carla Vegt
Coach/debrief team/MKs

Carla has been a missionary for over 20 years with Youth With A Mission serving in the Netherlands as well as in the United States. She has worked with kids in schools, churches and summer camps in the Netherlands as well as overseas. She is married to Ton and together they life in the Netherlands.

Dutch girl: If you walk through the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam you will for sure pass signs saying on average the Dutch people are the tallest people in the world. Being born and raise in the Netherlands I am no exception.

Green Thumb: In the Netherland my friends say I have “green fingers,” which means I loves to grow plants. Because of not having an outside garden I love to grow house plants.

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Robin Oosterhouse
Robin has loved serving with YWAM Chico in northern California for 9 years and learned many of the behind-the-scenes jobs that keep a big base running.  She’s seen first hand how easily people in ministry can burn out so her heart is to help prepare a place of beauty and peace where tired missionaries can come away and find rest in the Father’s arms. 
Nature: I’m a farm girl so I LOVE to be outside and have found that God teaches me deep, spiritual lessons through some of the silliest things I see in nature. Ask me about lady bugs! 
Family: we have 3 hilarious, teenage boys and when they are all together with my husband the puns start flying and we all end up laughing. They also eat a lot!
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Dan Oosterhouse
Dan and his wife Robin and their three boys served with YWAM Chico for nearly 10 years. Through the years he has served in a number of different roles including maintenance, grounds, a bit of housekeeping, cooking and starting an agriculture department. He looks forward to using the skills and talents he acquired during that time to create a place of rest and comfort for missionaries seeking refreshing and guidance.
Cooking: I have discovered a love for cooking. I love sharing this talent that God has given me with people around me. My family likes it too.
Sports: I like to watch American football. It usually doesn’t matter who is playing as long as it is a close game. I’m a Detroit Lions fan even after years and years and years…. oh so many years of disappointment. 
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