Kevin-and-SuetestIn 1996 Kevin and Sue Prins moved their family to Barbados where they both trained and staffed with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Prior to that, Kevin had spent 20 years in business as a custom home builder/owner as well as in the political sphere. In 2000, four years after leaving their West Michigan home, Kevin and Sue launched a YWAM ministry in Trinidad and Tobagp. Then in 2009 the YWAM Caribbean Leadership Team asked Kevin and Sue to pioneer another ministry with a special focus on leader and ministry development, namely Excelling Leaders (EL).

Pioneering and running a ministry, especially in a foreign country, is a challenge.

Kevin recalls many times in Trinidad thinking, I wish I had someone I could ask, ‘How do I do this?’

“I was overwhelmed with leading, meeting the needs of our staff, and directing programs to reach the people God called us to reach, as well as raising a family in a culture that was not our birth culture. There were not many people who understood. So when the YWAM Caribbean leadership asked us to fill this role of encouraging leaders and their ministries, we really saw the need. We had experienced it.”

Since the start Excelling Leaders has focused on walking alongside ministry leaders, from all over the world and from many different mission agencies. Our focus is encouraging, coaching, and equipping them along their unique journey. Sometimes this means helping to clarify a vision and identify concrete steps to achieve it. In today’s world we call that a ministry plan. Other times it means linking people with tools that help them become more effective, such as on-line giving apps, social media support, and marketing aids like brochures and web designs. It can also mean connecting ministry leaders with individuals and teams that may be just what they need at that time.

At times encouraging takes on the form of debriefing. We have on our team seasoned missionaries who have walked through some very difficult situations and understand the dynamics of overseas living and missionary family stresses as well as some that have walked through some “critical Incidents”. We offer a 9 day debrief specifically focused on missionaries and their families called Radiant Life.

One ministry leader we worked with said, “Kevin, you, Sue, and your team understand us because you have been there and we trust you. I know I can come to you because you have walked the same kind of road.”


Excelling Leaders vision is to honor missionaries and missionary families through relevant care and resources designed for holistic wellness and resilience.