Albert Einstein, regularly referred to as one of the greatest minds of the last century is quoted as saying, “Growth should commence at birth, and cease only at death”.

If Albert Einstein saw the value of continual growth, we also should look seriously at our own views on lifelong personal growth.

Sometimes we can look at our lives and think, “I have it pretty good, I have a few degrees, run my own business, have retirement saved up, and love Jesus. I can probably just coast along now that I have everything figured out.” We have all had moments in which thoughts like this have come to mind. Our challenge is to silence these thoughts and instead recognize that we always have some area in which personal growth is needed.

Some people may desire to grow by furthering their education, but may not know how to fit that endeavor into an already busy life. Others may desire to be a better wife or husband but aren’t sure where to start.

Most of us realize that there is always more to know about God and more intimacy to be found in relationship with Him. Sometimes, we have simply gotten into a rut concerning our relationship with our Heavenly Father. We need both a little push and some faithful support to help us get out of the rut and move on.

In whatever area of life you desire to experience growth, our coaching team is here to believe the best in you while encouraging, supporting, and helping you reach your growth goals.