Some common questions about Excelling Leaders.


How do you choose which ministries to help?

Excelling Leaders is a faith based ministry registered United States 501 ( c ) 3 that allows us to encourage and support  Christ centered ministry partners all over the world. Because of the talents and experiences of our team member we have a special passion for those who work in the majority world.  We are constantly expanding the work we started in helping these groups gain leadership skills, independence, and self-sustainability. Contact us for more specific ways we can help your organization, or to recommend an organization to us.

What is your relationship to YWAM?

Excelling Leaders was birthed out of YWAM in the Caribbean and many of our team members are YWAMers, which gives EL a great foundation and heritage. But over the years team members have joined from many other backgrounds and mission agencies which has brought a unique blending of talents and perspectives to this ministry, which in turn has broadened our impact around the world.

Do you only support Christian non-profits?

Excelling Leaders is a nonprofit ministry whose purpose is to encourage growth in the kingdom of God. We only work with groups that have the same focus of Christ-centered ministry.

Our Services

What kinds of coaching help do you provide?

Many of our team are trained coaches who were overseas missionaries themselves and understand the challenges of missionary life, as well as the challenges of nonprofits ministries that work around the world.

We offer many coaching options listed on our coaching page but we also will just sit and talk with you about what is uniquely going on with your life.

Your Support

Where does my donation go?

All the team members of Excelling Leaders are volunteers, so 100% of your gift will go to the preferred project or ministry partner that you designate, except for the direct cost incurred in the processing of your gift.  All contributions made to Excelling Leaders are completely under the control of Excelling Leaders. However it is Excelling Leader’s policy to honor the request of donors who wish to support preferred projects and individual team member.

Is my support to Excelling Leaders tax-deductible (for US tax payers)?

Excelling Leaders is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization and is able to receive tax-deductible donations.

How will Excelling Leaders acknowledge my gift?

Excelling leaders will send you a thank you, in acknowledgement of your gift either by email (if your donation was done on line) or by written post, as well as an IRS approved tax statement at the time of your gift being recorded.

How much of my donation goes to administrative costs?

Since all of our team members are volunteers our administration cost are very low. If you give to a preferred project or team member by check or by a bank to bank transfer a $4.50 per transaction for bookkeeping, processing and mailing, will be incurred. For on line giving the same $4.50 transaction costs will be incurred after the cost from the online processing provider. Those are the only administrative fees that EL charges. If you could make a donation to the EL general ministry fund your donation helps us to process these donations at such a low costs.

What donation methods can I use?

Currently, you may give by check or bank transfer as well as online giving. For more details on giving, please visit our Donate page.

Can I support a specific team member or project through Excelling Leaders?

Yes. Thank you for your interest in supporting a specific project or ministry partner of Excelling Leaders. Per IRS guidelines all contributions made to Excelling Leaders are completely under the control of Excelling Leaders. However it is Excelling Leader’s policy to honor the request of donors who wish to support preferred projects and individual team members. If you have a preference to give to a certain project or team member, please note your “preferred project or ministry team member” as you give on-line. When you send a check to our address, please note on a separate piece of paper your preferred project or team member.

Does Excelling Leaders pay their team members?

All EL team members are volunteers who need support from financial partners for their ministry. Financial gifts play a vital role in expanding ministries and enabling staff to reach people for Christ and help leaders to grow. Support must be for active EL team member. If a recipient’s status changes during the process of fund transfers, donations may instead be applied elsewhere in EL (where needed most).

How do I make a donation “in memory of” or “in honor of” someone?

Thank you for thinking of Excelling Leaders when wishing to make a gift in memory or in honor of someone special, such as a loved one, family member, friend or colleague. You can do so by adding a note to your donation, specifying the name of the person in whose memory/honor you are donating. If you wish, you may designate your gift to a preferred project that Excelling Leaders is working on. You may also request that Excelling Leaders send an acknowledgment letter (e.g., to a surviving family member or representative, or to the person or family member in whose honor your are making the gift). The letter identifies the donor by name and refers to the special gift that was made (it does not disclose the amount of the gift). When including such a request, please provide the appropriate name and address. Please contact our accounting office if you have specific question –

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For any other questions, please write us at or call us on +1616 202 6417