Seasons Change

I think there is wisdom in this process that applies to all of us, gardeners or not. As we enter into new seasons of life, work, ministry, family, or church, do we know how to transition into the new season? What fruits of the previous season does God want us to preserve that will bring us nourishment in the next season?

All things to all men

As leaders, we need to look for men and women who love us and want what is best for us and are willing to tell us of areas to watch out for. And as leaders we need to trust those who are on our team. We must train and release them. When we do that well, our ministries and staff will grow and we as leaders will be healthy.

What do I do with the fear of failure?

We all are faced with failure, or the fear of it, especially if we are in a place of leadership. Leading will involve risk. Do our past failures lead us to say, “I never want to try that again,” and do use that mindset to discourage others? Or do we use our past failures as learning experiences in moving forward?

Is my Team Just Like Me?

As good leaders we must seek to effectively work with all four personality types and recruit them for our team. This will help our ministry or business grow, and it will accomplish more than possible without these differences. It will also help us to grow as individuals.

Leadership for a New Course

I find it amazing how God becomes so relevant in the middle of my normal Bible reading schedule. This morning I was reading from Luke 22:24-30

What really Matters

These men, who are all successful businessmen by the world’s standard, shared with each other and me what was on their hearts. They shared what was truly important in regard to being a leader.

Leadership and Biking

A good leader learns along the way. Like my granddaughter Madison, who had me to teach her to ride a bike, you need to learn from someone who has walked through what you are doing. Seek wise counsel and understand that there is always more to learn.

Moving Sidewalks

God wants us as leaders to move in his shadow, progressing forward in His plans and purposes. We need to trust that He continues to move us forward, no matter what, as people at the airport use moving walkways to increase their efficiency when traveling.

Guidelines for a Leader (King)

What a charge to me as a leader. God’s desire for me is the same as the King. He says to me – Kevin, write this down, get it in your heart and spend time with Me. I have all the wisdom that you need to do your job. Don’t get proud and think you are better than anyone else.