Balance is important to our overall health and satisfaction with life.

It is vital to have balance in the various areas of our lives, not feeling as if we are being pulled in too many directions. In order to live  balanced lives, our views of and habits surrounding success, enjoyment, and rest must allow us to live full lives, making decisions that protect that which brings us fulfillment..

Many people, when thinking of balance, have an image in their heads similar to the first 2 pictures below.


A scale: Sometimes we think that to achieve balance we must get rid of something in order to add something to the other side. At times work becomes heavy, upsetting the balance with family and our social lives. How do we achieve a healthy balance on a regular basis?

Walking a tightrope: We focus so much on making sure we are taking the right steps toward balance, that all of our focus is on the next step. We may lose sight of what is going on around us in the lives of our friends and family because we think that if we make one wrong decision, we will fall.


We will walk with you through what a balanced life could look like for you. Together we will seek God for what ultimately energizes you and brings you fulfillment each day.